All in Podcast

Becky Stern Episode.12

Dominic meets with Becky Stern of and YouTube whilst at Maker Faire in New York. They talk all things making including some tips on how to hoard googly eyes and how Becky’s distraction train derailed and killed a village of Canadians.

EstefannieGG Episode.10

Dominic chats with Estefannie, a software engineer with an excellent You Tube channel, Estefannie Explains it all. They talk about many things, including some stuff about deadlines and why we make. Dominic doesn’t want to miss a party later and speaks a little too much!

William Osman Episode.9

Whilst at the Bay Area Maker Faire in late May 2018 Dominic was able to catchup with William Osman, who Dominic first found through YouTube when he made his laser cut skateboard! This podcast episode also features a short chat with "Cameraman John", We believe this is a world exclusive as he's never spoken or been seen on anything before! 

Jasmin Brackett Episode.8

Dominic was delighted to be able to have a chat with Jasmine at the PiWars event in Cambridge. Jasmine was on a visit to the UK to celebrate her Grandmother-in-law's 100th birthday but was also able to visit a large number of maker-related events! Jasmine is the "keeper of the hounds" at Tindie, managing the Tindie community and promoting the Hackaday Prize.

Tanya Fish Episode.7

Continuing the interviews Dominic made whilst at the Pi Wars event in Cambridge (thanks Mike and Tim). In this episode of Bricolage Dominic speaks with Tanya Fish from Pimoroni about small robots, education and firing canon in the Albert Hall.

Lucy Rogers Episode.6

In this episode Dominic talks to Lucy Rogers better known as Dr-Lucy-Rogers usually said in one breath. She is a fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. Lucy is known for being a strong presence in the maker scene and for her work in broadcasting. She was a judge on the last 3 series of BBC Robot Wars. Recently she embarked on the founding of a guild, the Guild of Makers, an organisation that supports the growth of the industry related to makers and providing them with support and opportunities to build a community together. 

Tool Autopsy Episode.5

The basic premiss of this new podcast flavour or segment or… something, is that me and Paul (and maybe other people in the future) go, with a pocket of loose change, to a flea-market (or boot sale or whatever) and buy a few tools. We then do no research and using only our own vague knowledge and intuition we talk about them.

Nick Zammeti Episode.4

In this new episode of Bricolage, a podcast for makers, Dominic speaks with Nick Zammeti of NZ Woodturning Co and Makers Central. Nick was very welcoming and let Dominic have a look around his workshop where he and his son Charlie film their YouTube channels. 

Donald Bell Episode.3

In this episode (the first via Skype...and probably last) Dominic speaks with Donald Bell, he is in California and Dominic is in the  UK so they have a bit of a time difference adding an extra challenge. Donald and Dominic talk about Maker Project Lab, Donald’s Bi-Weekly maker update and making in general, plus who to look out for in 2018!

Laura Kampf Episode.2

In this episode Dominic talks to maker and YouTuber Laura Kampf who has wise things to say about motivation, fear and all sorts of things about how she approaches her passion for making and where her inspiration came from. They geek out about Tom Sachs and other shared idols.

Rachel Konichiwakitty Episode.1

In this first ever official Bricolage episode Dominic speaks to Rachel Konichiwakitty about all sorts of stuff related to why we make and what motivates us, also they touch on issues of mental health and stress as well as talk superheroes and gummy-candies.