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Rob Ives Episode.13

Rob Ives Episode.13

In this (formerly lost) episode of Bricolage podcast, I speak to Rob Ives. We recorded this episode at the Centre for Life UK Maker Faire in April 2018, hence the noise associated with a Maker Faire in the background. Especially a very annoying noise maker built by Newcastle Makerspace. The view, organisations and events mentioned in this episode are relevant at the time of recording and might not be so relevant today.

Here are the notes from the episode:

Rob Ives Website

UK Maker Faire at the Centre for Life

Rob’s books on Amazon

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre

Association of the teachers of mathematics

Robert the clever sound man

Tarquin Publications

Paper Locksmith & Paper Automata

Paper design

Mathias Wandel and the Gear Generator

the Guild of Makers

YouTubers: Vi Hart & BlueHands a YouTube channel for Rob Ives

Uni-ball Eye (Rob’s pen) & Uni-ball Signo (Dominic’s pen)

Susan Vega (Rob’s work music) Koyaanisqatsi Philip Glass (Dominic’s concentration music)

Kevin Kelly 1000 True Fans

March of Robots & Inktober & Makevember

Matt Little a maker from Nottingham

Rob Ives on

Laura Kampf and her dog Smudo

Rob Ives on twitter

Thanks to Rob Ives for this interview.

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