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Engine of More: Structure of a book

Engine of More: Structure of a book

Frankly this morning I feel I’ve run out of steam a little bit. I’m not sure what to write next and that’s not good because objectively I’m still right at the beginning of this project. I suppose this shouldn’t come as a surprise, I knew this would happen, this is the very thing I am trying to tackle by regularly blogging. So, welcome “writers block” or more exactly, the fear of actually starting. I’m going to get stuck in with a short bit about common sense.

I’ve had a pre-occupation with layout. I’d really like a structure to both “hang” the writing I’ve already done onto as well as to see where I have gaps. I suspect the best thing is to make up a structure, no matter how far away it ends up being from the final one for the actual book. Here is a structure I made for a theoretical Handbook for the fictional Wabi-Sabi Workshop, my utopian idea number 3 from the list written on Friday 22nd February 2019.

Here goes.



Welcome to the Wabi-Sabi Workshop Owners Manual


The Wabi-Sabi Workshop Mission

The History of the Wabi-Sabi Workshop

The Values of the Wabi-Sabi Workshop

What is the Wabi-Sabi workshop boot camp.


How do I become a member of the Wabi-Sabi workshop Community?

What is the Wabi-Sabi Workshop Bootcamp?

Who can use the workshop?

Who can not use the workshop?

Is there a way to engage the whole community?

How do I get permission to do something?

How do I organise an event?


How to conduct yourself in the workshop

How to store things in the workshop

What does not belong in the workshop?

How to find things in the workshop

When can you work in the space?

What can you do in the space?


The tool road map

Which tools can you use in the workshop?

What tools are used for what tasks in the workshop?

What to do if there is a broken tool

What to do if there is a tool you’d like that isn’t available

How to donate a tool

How to borrow a tool

How to learn more about a tool

The Wabi-Sabi Workshop reading & viewing list

The Wabi-Sabi Workshop, Rules of Thumb

More info about Wabi-Sabi in design & culture

I’ll be frank, the above content list seems really boring and pedestrian to me, so I expect I’ll weird it up a little, if/when I write the content. I dunno really.

Today’s thumb is a picture taken in the Nottingham Hackspace showing the remains of a sheet of donated perspex used to cut several hundred of several thousands of tiny plastic rabbits made by Toby, a drill with wings and a saw with “to the workshop” on it.

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