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Please DO feed the trolls. #makevember no.9

Please DO feed the trolls. #makevember no.9

“So completely absorbed in its own problems – its use of colour and space, its fanatical devotion to science-fiction detail – that it’s somewhere between hypnotic and immensely boring.”

Renata Adler, The New York Times 1968

“This film is fascinating when it concentrates on apes or machines,” he said, “and dreadful when it deals with the in-betweens: humans. “For all its lively visual and mechanical spectacle, this is a kind of space-Spartacus and, more pretentious still, a shaggy God story.”

John Simon, The New Leader 1968

“His film has one special effect which certainly he did not intend. He has clarified for me why I dislike the idea of space exploration. The interior of Kubrick’s spaceship is not greatly different from that of a jetliner, but at least planes go from one human environment to another. No argument that I have read for the existence of life elsewhere has maintained that other planets would be suitable for men. That is why, despite the size of the starry firmament, the idea of space travel gives me claustrophobia.”

Stanley Kaufmann The New Republic 1968

“An annoyance wrapped inside of an enigma as constructed by a cosmic ego that had been praised so much he believed it. The monkey stuff is okay… if you like seeing people in hair suits jump around going ‘uck-uck.'”

Stephen Hunter, Washington Post 2001

If you hadn’t already guessed, these are critical reviews for Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film, “2001: a space odyssey”, a work, which regardless if you like it or not, is widely regarded as amongst the top 10 ever made by many film buffs. It regularly appears in 10 ten lists and has 93% on Rotten tomatoes.

In other words, you’d be proud to have made 2001: a space odyssey right? There are ideas, objects and works or art that change the paradigm. Those bursts in the darkness have to court controversy.

If we fear what people might say about something a little out-there that we produce, we’ll always only make safe choices. Safe, bland, mediocre choices that pull all of their punches do not change culture, inspire people or help us to grow.

Daily makevember Blog No.9

November 2018

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