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Making time for making. #makevember no.7

Making time for making. #makevember no.7

I think a lot more people would participate in #makevember if they had the time. Making something every day for a whole month feels like a lot of time, and depending on your approach it certainly can be.

I’ve found though that some of my best makes this year and last were ones where I really really only spent a very small amount of time on it. Or even where my resources and time were very limited.

One of the big motivators for me to be a cheerleader for this idea is that I want to help other and help myself to challenge the blockers we impose on ourselves that stop us being creative or doing something. There is a level of discipline required to truly make something every day that is true, but the same discipline can be used to make sure we don’t spend a whole day trying to do it.

If our perception of what “done” looks like require a large expenditure of time, maybe we need to break our projects down to smaller chunks. Last year I found myself imagining an end point and not thinking through the steps to that end point and getting frustrated when I was spending to much time getting to the place I’d pictured as “done”.

This year I’m much happier to think through a project and chunk it up. As there really are no rules here (see yesterday) then spending 5 minutes practicing with your new POSCA marker for a later build is more than valid.

Here is a list of 10 quick things that you could do for #makevember, try to think of small tasks that are outside of your regular skill set or that push your existing skill set just a little further:

  1. Make a list of 10 quick things you could do for #makevember this one took me x minutes

  2. If you’ve never done it, cut some fabric with a pair of scissors or a sharp knife

  3. try making a paper aeroplane out of something other than paper

  4. draw a picture of yourself, but do it with your eyes closed

  5. open a packet of skittles, smarties or M&M and sort them into colours lay them out in rows that are logical to you and take a lovely picture

  6. when was the last time you made shapes on the wall with shadows and your hands?

  7. made any music recently? make a percussion instrument, thing you can hit is almost anything and things you can shake don’t take long. Record a little rhythm on your phone and share it.

  8. can you make something interesting and structural with jelly sweets and dried spaghetti?

  9. write down as many uses as possible, all you can think of (you can set yourself a limit if you are especially imaginative) for an every day object… here are some suggestions: Coffee cup, brick, blanket, vacuum cleaner, coat hook, doormat.

  10. grab a free newspaper and cut out the letters to write something in the style of one of those creepy ransom notes (not a ransom note) you used to see in every hackneyed detective drama in the past.

Some of the funnest makes I’ve seen this year are building on object but iterating it every day, with small additions and changes, which give a pleasing overall arc to the making and don’t take a lot of time out of the day.

Good luck!

Daily makevember Blog No.7

November 2018

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