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I've got no good ideas #makevember no.5

I've got no good ideas #makevember no.5

I would say, okay, so do you have any bad ideas? You can’t have good ideas until you’ve had some bad ones. Here some ideas about how to generate ideas.

Set your kitchen timer or phone to 10 minutes, that’s your time limit. Write them in notepad or in an email or whatever. It doesn’t matter.

Idea 1: Swim the English Channel

Idea 2: Like the London Marathon, only its swimming along the Thames, costumes and all.

Idea 3: A charity event at the local pool where you dress like a marathon runner but you swim.

Another method is to try and write 10 ideas on a theme. Thats sort of where #Makevember came from. A few of us had been doing “10 ideas” as a daily practice on tumblr here:

The thinking being that the first 5 or 6 ideas are fairly easy to come up with. The last 3 or 4 are borderline absurd BUT its in those final few that the real nuggets come out.

Something thats been a bit of a theme for me this #makevember is planning. Lots of people fail to act and stay in the planning stages way way too long, in fact lots of people never leave the planning stages and never really DO the thing they intended to do. My problem is I don’t plan enough or at all, and jump in on a hunch on things. That’s also not good. I hope I can find the right balance and if you plan too much I hope you too can find the right balance.

Don’t try and have one good idea, try and have 10 bad ones and see if a good one pops to the top!

Again, this post is heavily influenced by my continued reading of Seth Godin, it being a continuous theme with in his large body of work.

Fear of Bad ideas

and The two simple secrets to good ideas

If you’d like to try the 10 ideas thing I think you can be added to the tumblr account. Sadly tumblr is horrible. I think you can do it in twitter as a thread or in a google doc or whatever. I’d love to read them.

Daily makevember Blog No.5

November 2018

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