Becky Stern Episode.12

Dominic meets with Becky Stern of and YouTube whilst at Maker Faire in New York. They talk all things making including some tips on how to hoard googly eyes and how Becky’s distraction train derailed and killed a village of Canadians.

EstefannieGG Episode.10

Dominic chats with Estefannie, a software engineer with an excellent You Tube channel, Estefannie Explains it all. They talk about many things, including some stuff about deadlines and why we make. Dominic doesn’t want to miss a party later and speaks a little too much!

William Osman Episode.9

Whilst at the Bay Area Maker Faire in late May 2018 Dominic was able to catchup with William Osman, who Dominic first found through YouTube when he made his laser cut skateboard! This podcast episode also features a short chat with "Cameraman John", We believe this is a world exclusive as he's never spoken or been seen on anything before!